What’s In a Name? How to Choose the Right Name For Your Business

Choosing a name is my favourite part of the new business process. It’s all about  creating the right image for your business, it needs to be something you’re proud of and something that helps distinguish you from your competitors. But it can also be a difficult choice to get just right and it isn’t a decision that should be taken lightly.

So, where do you start? 

The first step is to brainstorm – make sure you write down every single idea that comes to you, even if they seem crazy. The more options the better at this stage. Continue Reading →

Need IT Solutions But Don’t Have a Help Desk? Google Has The Answers!

Most solo business owners struggle with IT problems. When you work by yourself it can be very difficult to work out how to use software properly, and how to get help when your software or hardware isn’t working properly. This is especially frustrating for business owners who have come from a corporate world and are used to calling the IT help desk and handing over the problem.

So, what can you do when  you are working on your own and you have no idea how to solve your IT issue? The three things I always recommend to my clients are Google, YouTube and Live Chat, and these generally result in positive outcomes. Continue Reading →

Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Testimonials?

So you’ve received a wonderful testimonial. You’re feeling fantastic about it and confident that it will help bring new clients to your business. But how?

A good testimonial is like a recommendation from a friend. Even though your potential customers haven’t met the person giving the testimonial the fact that someone impartial loves your business encourages them to believe that they will too.

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How to Get Great Testimonials

A great testimonial is a powerful piece of marketing for your business but how do you get testimonials that are more than “they did a really good job”?

It’s hard to quantify just what makes the perfect testimonial but they do all tend to have a few things in common… Continue Reading →

Backing Up Your Computer – How And How Often

I often have people tell me that they ‘don’t have time’ to backup their computer. I tell them that unless they have time to redo months of work then they HAVE to make backing up a priority.

Backing up doesn’t have to be expensive, time consuming or hard. It just needs to be a regular practise in your business.

The first thing I suggest my clients do is work out how often they need to backup their computer. In an ideal world, for most people, you probably need to do it weekly if you’re using your computer every day, fortnightly if you are an infrequent computer user. To be honest I have my backup running daily as I couldn’t stand to lose any of the information I have generated.  Continue Reading →

You Don’t Have to Be An IT Nerd to Know Your Computer’s IP Address

Do you know what your computer’s IP address is or how to find out? It is easier than you think. 

Every computer, printer or other device connected to the internet is given a number called an Internet Protocol (IP) address.

This number is used to identify (or name, if you like) all the machines using the web, as well as provide their general location.

You may have noticed that sometimes online ads are targeted to your local area. It can be a bit freaky, especially if you don’t know how they know where you are. In fact, they are using your IP address to find the location of your computer.

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Three Mistakes New Business Owners Make And How to Avoid Them

Thinking of setting up a business and turning your passion into a job?

Setting up a business that will change your hobby in to a career is an exciting and often overwhelming time. In amongst all the decisions, enthusiasm, activity and choices it can be easy to make a few mistakes, especially as most people haven’t set up a business before.

In the years I have been working with small business owners, three mistakes come up time and time again but the good news is that they’re easily avoidable if you know what to look out for…

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Technology Isn’t The Bad Guy

Many new business owners, don’t embrace technology.

I know that is a very general statement to make but when I talk technology so many of the clients I work with say things like “Oh that’s not me. I’m people orientated. I need to be with people and not online”.

And that’s fine if you want to limit your practice to your local community but if you really want to grow your business you need to start using technology such as Skype, social media, email, SMS, accepting credit card payments and so on to help you.

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Hobby or Business … It’s All in Your Attitude!

Does it seem as though others see your business as a hobby?

If you dig deep down in to your subconscious and are really honest with yourself, do you see your business as more like a hobby than a ‘proper job’?

Struggling to persuade yourself and others that your business is a ‘real’ business and deserves respect is a common problem for new business owners but if you want to be successful it is essential to get out of the hobbyist mindset.

Many of us tend to be focused on helping people, rather than financial gain, yet it’s important to recognise that you can still help people and make money from your work.

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Practitioners empowering themselves

How many more have to die before I’m prepared to swallow my fear of being judged or embarrassed or criticised because I say that I have skills that could save lives.” Have you ever thought this or said this to yourself? As a practitioner do you know you can heal and help 100’s maybe even 1000’s of people if you just had the courage to get out there and tell the world what you do? Here’s a lady who’s doing just that.

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Are You Thinking About Your Tax?

Do you feel like you’re on top of your tax? Do you know how much tax you need to pay? Do you know how to find the right information to work out your tax rate? Have you put money aside during the year for tax?

When you run your own business you don’t have an employer taking out tax from the money you earn but you still need to pay tax and it is your responsibility to take it out of your earnings and put it aside.

It is easy to feel like you are earning a lot when you only look at your before-tax income but the $100 you earn per client could possibly be as little as $69 after tax.

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Don’t Let Fear in Business Hold You Back

Taking a risk and leaping out of your comfort zone can be very scary but it is an important tool in building your business. In order to succeed you need to conquer your fear, be brave and harness that anxious energy as a positive instead of a crippling negative.

So many of my clients raise the issue of fear; fear of making a mistake, fear of what people will think, fear of becoming a huge success, fear of not becoming a huge success.

When it comes to fear in business my answer is always the same. Acknowledge your fear, then embrace it and harness the energy it brings.

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Are you struggling to succeed in business?

It may be your subconscious mind that is holding you back.

Everyone knows that you must have the right mindset for your business to succeed. But do you truly understand what your mindset is? Or is your subconscious secretly sabotaging your success? Continue Reading →

How to celebrate Christmas when you work as a solo practitioner

It’s easy to feel left out of the Christmas cheer when you work by yourself. It seems like everyone else is going to work Christmas parties, going to client drinks and wandering around the shops on their lunch break while your working harder than usual getting everything completed prior to the end of the year.

Of course, that’s not quite how it is for those working in large offices and they are probably equally jealous of how easy it was for you to pop to your kid’s school to watch their Christmas concert… the grass is always greener on the other side!

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Staying on track in your business

Do you find it difficult to work out which business opportunities are good ones and which opportunities are just going to sap your time without giving any real return?

Staying on track is a common problem for small business owners as we often choose to pick up every new idea or proposal that comes to us. But then we find ourselves completely off track and wondering “how did I end up over here, when where I really wanted to be was over there?”.

So, what can you do to make sure your business stays on the path you have chosen?

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Why investing in your business is worth the money

One of the hardest things to get your head around when you start a new business, or want to expand your existing one, is spending money to make money.

I don’t mean spending money on things like a printer or a mobile phone. I mean investing in less tangible things, things like mentoring, networking , business development or perhaps even administration staff so you can have more time to build your core business.

Often expensive, this kind of investment can feel very hard to justify because you are spending the money BEFORE you see the return.

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Why your business needs a Big Hairy Audacious Goal

I love the term Big Hairy Audacious Goal! It has been around since the early 1990s and I think it is a fantastic technique to help keep your business moving forward and pushing boundaries.

If you haven’t heard of it before, a BHAG is a goal for your business that is medium to long term but not impossible. It also needs to be something that can be clearly defined so you know when you have reached it.

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Wondering how much to charge? Ask what you are worth

How much should you charge your clients?

Most wellness practitioners don’t know how much they are worth, not just in financial terms but in what they deliver to their clients and so they have no idea how much they should be charging.

Value = self esteem.

Think about that equation for a second.

Are you proud of the amount you charge or do you resent your clients because you don’t feel you are being paid what you are worth?

Does the amount you charge for your service match your self esteem?

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What do you do when you just don’t feel like working?

Everyone has days when they don’t feel like working – perhaps something has gone wrong or got you down? Perhaps you’ve just finished a big project and are having trouble getting started on the next one or maybe it is a beautiful day and you would just rather be outside?

Whatever the reason, it can be really challenging to motivate yourself to work on the days when it all feels too hard.

So what can you do to get your mojo back?

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“Success means having the courage, the determination and the will to become the person you believe you were meant to be.”

George Sheehan

Work and kids: How to find the balance between family and business

I’ve run my own businesses for 11 years and I am the mother of two beautiful sons. My boys were 5 and 3 when I started out on my own, so I know how challenging it can be to manage the needs of a business and motherhood at the same time.

During my business journey I’ve learnt some tricks that can help you find the balance between family and work while staying on top of both and without any need to feel guilty about either!

It is still hard to find time for everything, but with a few changes life can be much, much easier than you think.

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New online tool helping to make your practitioner life easier

Natural Business Tools

I’m really excited to be supporting Natural Business Tools as I really believe what they have to offer can be of benefit to so many wellness practitioners.

Here’s a snapshot of what they do: Provide health practitioners with customised and personalised patient educational material and business system templates to support you in the everyday running of your clinic.

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How to handle a “no thanks” from a potential client



I was excited about the coming week. I had two new mentoring clients booked in and I couldn’t wait to get started with them. I knew both of them had such an opportunity to build their business and I was ‘champing at the ‘bit’ to get stuck into their businesses and advise them on how they could start earning more money.

On Saturday afternoon I received an email from one with a vague “I’d like to cancel our session and I will contact you when I’m ready” and on Sunday morning I received an email from the second one saying “I’ve decided I don’t have enough money to proceed”.

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How your personal life can effect your business


Did you know that having discipline and focus in all aspects of your life is vital to building your business?

That seems like an obvious statement, doesn’t it? But believe it or not I had no idea that my lack of willpower in my personal life would be hindering my professional life.

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“The best way to predict your future is to create it.”

Peter Drucker

Why learning without implementing is pointless


Some people are serial learners. They attend everything and listen to everyone BUT they never implement what they have learnt.

I’ve seen this so many times in my career and it is such a waste of time and money for both you and your business.

Yes, education and learning new things is important but it is also important to pick and choose what you learn and who you learn from, and to make sure that you have the time and energy to implement your new knowledge.

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How to sell your product…

In my recent blog titled “Discover the product in your business” we talked about how you can identify a product in your business.

But creating your product is only the first half of the process. Getting it online and marketing it is the other half and it is just as important!

You can have the best product in the world but if no one knows it exists your time has been completely wasted. So what do you need to do to start making money from your product?

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Discover the product in your business

I’m a big believer in developing a product that you can ‘sell while you sleep’ as a way of building and diversifying your service-based business.  In this two part blog, I’m going to firstly show you how you can identify your product and then in Part 2 we’ll talk about how to market that product once it’s developed.

So let’s get started. What do you need to do to find your product?

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“If the opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.”

How to get PR for your business

In this webinar, guest presenter, Deborah Shepherd from Embrace Life Live Life, shares her extensive knowledge around Public Relations.

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How websites get hacked

Having recently been hacked on the Wellness Hubs Australia site, I was really glad to receive an email from Sucuri (the people who helped clean my site) that contained an informative video about how websites get hacked.

If you’ve ever wondered why or how… then check out this video.

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Stress Management: Activating the Relaxation Response

In this video, guest presenter, Joe Figliano shares his wealth of experience on how to manage stress in our lives and how to inject (even the smallest bit) of relaxation into our lives.

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How to Use WordPress

WordPress is a platform on which some websites are built. Many practitioners have one of these websites that have been built by someone else, but aren’t sure how to make updates themselves.

That’s why I created this video for you.

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How to Use Video in Your Marketing

Video guru Gerald Pauschmann was our guest presenter one month and showed us all there is to know about using video in our marketing.

Plus there are heaps of great little tips in this video on how to actually create your videos in a very cheap and easy way.

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How to Use PowerPoint

When conducting my “how to run a workshop” workshop, I talk about creating slides using PowerPoint. However I realised that this wasn’t as simple for some people as they didn’t know HOW to use PowerPoint, so I conducted this webinar on it.

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How to Run a Webinar

Do you want to add webinars to your service offering but not sure how? This video will show you how to set up and run a webinar using WebinarJam.

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How to save time in your day

Feel like you don’t have enough time each day to get things done? Then this is the webinar for you.

In the presentation you will receive 10 easy to implement steps that will definitely save you time and allow you to get everything done.

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How to create a business email address

If you are still using a gmail or hotmail email address for your business simply because you don’t know how to create a business one, then this is the webinar for you.

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How to be a successful practitioner

Feel like you could be running your business a little bit smarter? Then this is the webinar for you. Guest presenter, Christine Pope has been a successful homeopath for over 10 years and she shares her top tips to creating a successful practice for you.

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“You can, you should and if you’re brave enough to start, you will.”

Stephen King

Client Attraction & Retention

Guest presenter, Cheryl Alderman talks about what clients want and the enlightens you on three ways (doors) that you may be losing clients that you weren’t even aware of.

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Contractor versus Employee

When we start to expand our businesses, one of the first things we do, is look to get people to help us; be it another practitioner, a bookkeeper, a virtual assistant. Most of us don’t have the infrastructure for an employee, so we look for a contractor to help us out.

However how do you know if the position you have is legally a contractor role or an employee role? It’s a fine line and one that causes a LOT of confusion for small businesses.

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How to Charge What You Are Worth

How have you decided on the session rate you charge? Have you just pulled a figure from the air? Maybe you just charge an amount because that is what everyone else is charging?

If you’d like to have more confidence to raise your prices, or looking to understand how much you SHOULD be charging for your services, this webinar recording is for you. Continue Reading →

Why should I be networking? I don’t have the time

We know that networking is important (or at least that’s what we hear), but often we struggle to find the time to attend events, or it doesn’t “feel right” to be pushing ourselves onto others, or we feel intimidated by attending events.

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Increasing Personal Productivity

If you’ve ever heard me speak, you’ll know I’m passionate about time management, systems, organisation and efficiency in business. It’s in this capacity that I was honoured to be interview for Angela Raspass’ Your Next Chapter Podcast.

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Are You A Practitioner Who Needs Support With Your Health?

Guest Post by Sharon White, Founder of Global Healing Exchange and Holistic Living Magazine.

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The Intuitive Entrepreneur

Last year I had the privilege of being interviewed by Karen Chaston and Karen Pearce for their radio show “Inspiring Pearls of Wisdom“. The topic we discussed was what it is like being an Intuitive Entrepreneur.

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Automated marketing

Automated Marketing – It’s not for everyone

Over the last couple of years the latest marketing trend for small business has been the “automated marketing” tools. Everyone is telling you that you “have to have it” but I disagree, and here’s why.

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The secret of getting ahead is getting started. The secret of getting started is breaking your complex, overwhelming tasks into small manageable tasks, and then starting on the first one.

Mark Twain

How to maximise the opportunity of New Years Resolutions

Its no secret that the number one New Years Resolution for most people is “lose weight” or “get fit and healthy”… so as a natural health practitioner are you maximising the opportunity for this potential new business or are you letting it pass you by?

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Opportunity never stops knocking. New friends are on their way. The ideas you need will find you. You’ll have another chance. Things are getting brighter. You are feeling lighter. Love is rising. Be still. Prepare. Others will call you lucky. Your parents are so proud. You ain’t seen nothing yet. Look out world, a giant is waking up.

Like a country song,
The Universe

Customer service matters

It doesn’t matter how great your service is or how fantastic your product is, if you don’t offer high class customer service, your clients are going to go elsewhere and find someone who does.

So if you don’t think customer service matters, think again. Continue Reading →

Honesty is the best policy: being authentic in business

Are you sick of companies that make crazy promises on price (until you read the fine print) or send emails claiming ‘only 10 spots left’ then a second email two days later saying ‘another 5 spots just opened up’?

I am.

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How to get more client referrals

If you are wanting to know how to get more client referrals for your business… watch this video.

Start it; you don’t have to be fancy.
Keep moving; you don’t have to go crazy.
Visualize; you don’t have to admit it.
See the end result; it doesn’t have to be material.
Expect miracles; they don’t have to be huge.
Pretend you’ve arrived; you don’t have to dance on tables.
And above all else, have fun.

This is why you started it, right?

Life, what a trip –
The Universe

How to manage your business during the school holidays

The school holidays can challenge any parent but if you run a small business trying to juggle your responsibilities to your clients and to your family can be overwhelming.

Here are a few tips to make life a bit easier these holidays. Continue Reading →

What small business owners can learn from Emily Simms, The Bachelor Australia 2015 Contestant

Firstly let me clarify that the only reason I am watching The Bachelor Australia 2015 in the first place, is because I have two teenage sons (need I say any more?)

So since I am “forced” to watch the show, I spend my time watching how the relationships play out and how the women behave with each other. Last night was a fantastic example of “being obsessed with your competition to the detriment of your own gain”… and I realised that what was being played out by Emily Simms, one of the bachelorettes, was exactly what happens with some small business owners.

Let me explain… Continue Reading →

The achievement of anything that you desire must be considered success, whether it is a trophy or money or relationships or things. But if you will let your standard of success be your achievement of joy—everything else will fall easily into place. For in the finding of joy, you are finding vibrational alignment with the resources of the Universe.


How to edit your own writing

Noticing mistakes in your own written work is much harder than seeing mistakes in someone else’s. You know what you meant to write, you understand your own phrasing and intonation, and you are used to your own spelling mistakes so your brain tends to auto-correct any errors.

The problem is other people’s brains won’t auto-correct your mistakes and there are few things more unprofessional than a grammatical or spelling mistake in a document.

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Why do you do what you do?

In most networking groups people ask “WHAT do you do?” but switch the question to “WHY do you do what you do?” and watch how amazingly different the answer is.

Knowing why somebody is running their business gives you such clarity about their message and understanding their passion for their business, it makes you want to work with them.  Continue Reading →

How can I get clients fast

A question that gets asked so often is “how can I get clients fast”. Here are three suggestions to help you…

A question to ask yourself each morning, that really lights fires, gongs bells, and summons resources is “What little, mortal, baby steps can I take today that will demonstrate expectancy, prepare for my dream’s manifestation, and above all, place me within reach of life’s magic?”

Please, ask this question and then take those steps, and I promise you’ll go down in history as a giant among your kind.

It’s never too late,  The Universe

How to Start a Small Business

Before you get into the nitty gritty details of how to start a small business the first thing you need to ask yourself is ‘Do I have the right mindset for small business?’ Continue Reading →

Are you ready for the End of Financial Year?

2015 is flying past and the end of financial year is upon us.

The 30th of June means we all need to do our tax but what else does EOFY mean for your business? Continue Reading →

Passive income – making more money from your existing business

No doubt you’ve heard internet marketers and business coach’s push ‘earning a passive income’ as the best way to build your business.

It’s certainly true that moving away from just ‘swapping your time for money’ and towards a passive income is important for your business, and the phrase ‘earn money while you sleep’ is certainly appealing. But for many business owners it can be hard to know exactly what it is that you can sell and how you go about it.

So, let’s look at the why and how of making money while you sleep… Continue Reading →

The good and the bad of feedback

Feedback is a fantastic tool in business, but it can also be soul destroying… here’s why

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If I were a business professor and you were my student, today’s lesson might sound like this:

In the “real” world, it’s better to have loved and lost, tried and failed, dreamed and missed, than to sit out your turn in fear. Because the loss, the failure, and the miss, however painful, are merely temporary market adjustments, soon forgotten. Whereas the love, the adventure, and the dream are like investments that, for the rest of your life and beyond, never stop paying dividends.

Buy low, sell high –  The Universe

Hate business paperwork? You need an admin buddy!

When you work alone it can be very hard to get motivated to do the jobs you dislike. Most small business owners struggle with this problem, but could working with a business-owning friend be the answer? Continue Reading →

Do you know what YOUR self esteem is measured on?

You may be in a similar boat to me and not realise it… whilst meditating the other day, I had a blinding flash of the obvious. The video below reveals all.

Structure creates freedom

If you want to have freedom in your business & life you need to have structure.

That may sound like an odd statement, especially as many practitioners set up their business in order to have more flexibility and a better work life balance. None the less, it is true. Continue Reading →

Spirituality in Business

Spirituality is your secret weapon in business – embrace it. I’ve met a lot of people who think that spirituality and business are incompatible. That spirituality is all airy fairy feelings and has no place in business decision making. I couldn’t disagree more and here’s why… Continue Reading →

What if the word “work” was changed to “dance-with-life,”? And instead of it being viewed as an alternative to fishing or a way of “paying your dues,” it was seen as a chance to meet a parade of new friends, discover your own untested potentials and unpolished gifts, and open avenues for abundance to come pouring into your life?

Yeah, I bet lottery sales would plummet.

Facebook messenger is NOT a business communication tool.

Nikki White

Rejection in business

Are you hesitant to step out and tell everyone about your business and what you do? Is marketing your business the last thing on your to-do list?

Then put on your practitioner hat for a moment and have a closer look at the situation, is it possible that there is an underlying fear of rejection there.

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Do you find it difficult to ask your clients for payment?

It is amazing how many practitioners, who are so confident performing their session, avoid eye contact and mumble when it comes to asking for money.

So why do highly trained, experienced practitioners struggle to ask for payment? It seems that the answer is mostly a lack of self-confidence. Continue Reading →

Is your inner voice sabotaging your business?

We all have one. It talks to us incessantly. It says things like “what do you think you are doing?”, “you’re not good enough to do that”, “why would anyone buy your service?” or “see, they are so much better than you!”.

Not a great message for you to be a successful business owner with hey?

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How important is cash flow management for small businesses?

Cash flow management is critical for small businesses, and it’s an area of management too many business owners overlook until it’s too late. Continue Reading →

Your business is your servant. You are not it’s slave.

Berni Dymet

The worst troll is in your head.

Internet trolls are the commenters begging for a fight, the anonymous critics eager to tear you down, the hateful packs of roving evil dwarves, out for amusement.

But the one in your head, that voice of insecurity and self-criticism, that’s the one you need to be the most vigilant about.

Do not feed the troll.

Do not reason with the troll.

Do not argue with the troll.

Most of all, don’t litigate. Don’t make your case, call your witnesses, prove you are right. Because the troll knows how to sway a jury even better than you do.

Get off the troll train. Turn your back, walk away, ship the work.

Seth Godin

Why your WHY is important

It’s so easy to say what we do, isn’t it? Or how we do it. But the WHY part can be elusive.

Guest blog by Philippa Lowe, Just Go Write

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There’s no such thing as a niche that’s too small if the people care enough.

If you think you need a bigger market, you’re actually saying that the market you already have doesn’t need you/depend on you/talk about you enough.

You might not need a bigger niche. You might only need to produce more value for those you already serve.

Seth Godin

Acknowledging referrals – A thank you goes a long way

Do you ask your clients how they found you?

It is well worth asking this because it tells you which marketing strategies are working and which aren’t. But that’s not what this article is about… This article is about what you do when a new client says ‘oh so and so told me about you’.

What then? Continue Reading →

The lesson of “tough love”

Sometimes on the road to success we need someone to tell us “how it is”. We don’t necessarily want to hear it but so often we are standing in our own way and can’t see how much we are stopping ourselves from moving forward.

That someone is normally a business mentor… but are YOU ready to receive that dose of tough love?

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What are your business’ core values and why do they matter?

MWB Values bannerCore values are at the heart of your business. They influence every decision you make and being clear on what they are is the key to keeping your business on track. Continue Reading →

Does your voicemail present the right image for your business?

So much of life is about perception, so what does your voicemail say about your business?

Making your voicemail as professional and easy to use as possible is just good business sense. Why would your clients bother listening to an unprofessional message or waste their time calling back over and over again if your voicemail isn’t switched on? The answer is that they won’t. They’ll just find another therapist who has better voicemail! So what can you do? Continue Reading →

Closing doors – why you sometimes need to sack a client

Getting rid of clients can be a really hard idea to come to terms with, especially when you are in the building stage of creating your business. But clients that you dislike working with; the ones where you dread seeing their name in your appointment book, can really bring you down and the money you make from them just isn’t worth it.

It is better to have fewer great clients than lots of negative ones. So here’s what you can do… Continue Reading →

“The greatest danger for all of us is not that our aim is too high, but that it’s too low and we reach it.”


Networking – is it about quality or quantity?

Networking can provide brilliant opportunities for your business, especially when you are starting out. From practitioner networks to local business groups, the possibilities are endless. But how much networking is enough? Continue Reading →

12 tips to starting a small business from nothing

In 2005 with two small boys and recently separated from my husband I opened the doors to my small business with absolutely no experience in small business. Here are my top 12 tips to keep you going: Continue Reading →

Following up with your clients – why it’s good for them and great for you

Most hands-on practitioners invest a lot of energy in finding out information from new clients. We have them fill in multiple forms and then spend the first part of their consultation discussing why they have come, their past history and what they want to achieve.

Getting that information is an important part of what we do because we want to provide the best possible treatment to the client and have it as individually tailored to their needs as possible.

But what about after their treatment? Continue Reading →

Run your own race. Who cares what others are doing? The only question that matters is “Am I progressing?”

Robin Sharma

Does your website photo reflect who you REALLY are?

A few weeks ago I arrived at a workshop and the woman at the registration desk immediately greeted me ‘Hello. You must be Nikki.’ I’d never met her before and was a bit taken aback, so I asked her how she knew me and she said ‘You look just like the picture on your website’. Would this happen to you? Continue Reading →

How do you talk about what you do?

It seems that all practitioners have at some point had the experience of talking about your modality to a potential client (or even a new friend) only to be met with a confused expression and a polite “how interesting” followed by a change of subject. How can you avoid this in your business? Continue Reading →

What is the definition of procrastination? It means: I can feel within my Energy sensor that this action is not in perfect alignment at this time.


Investing in your business – think value not cost!

If you aren’t investing in your business, then you aren’t moving forward. Yep it’s a bold statement but investing in your business is something I feel passionate about and think is a MUST for all business owners. Here’s why… Continue Reading →

Easy ways to speed up typing on your smart phone

Smart phones have revolutionised the way we interact and have made it possible for small business owners to be in touch with their business anytime, anywhere.

If you’re anything like me, although you love the convenience of your phone, you find typing on the touch screen frustratingly slow. Continue Reading →

“Start your first business this way: Begin with the smallest possible project in which someone will pay you money to solve a problem they know they have. Charge less than it’s worth and more than it costs you.


You don’t have to wait for perfect or large or revered or amazing. You can start.”

Seth Godin

Why you must have a business email address

In business nothing says ‘small fry’ more clearly than a hotmail or gmail email address so unless you want to scream ‘not serious about my business’ to the world you need to invest in a proper email address from the very beginning.  Continue Reading →