Are You A Practitioner Who Needs Support With Your Health?

Posted on March 2, 2016 by Nikki Lane

Guest Post by Sharon White, Founder of Global Healing Exchange and Holistic Living Magazine.

You may be a health & wellness practitioner or someone who wants to keep up to date with top quality health & wellness information. You know how important your health is (that is why you got into this industry in the first place). As a practitioner, you generally put others before yourself and may have experienced or be on the way to adrenal burnout.

Many of us work alone, we have no one to keep us accountable. On the outside people think you are walking your walk but on the inside you are screaming “Hypocrite! You are not doing what you are telling your clients to do!” You are tired of not looking after YOU!

That is why Global Healing Exchange has opened their membership area. It is aimed at practitioners, who need to look after themselves.

There are practitioners from different modalities to help you find that balance. One week you may need a sound healing and another meditation or health food tips. Or you may just need to rant inside the group to people you know will understand you. It is all inside the membership area available to you 24/7.

Each week new interviews, podcasts, articles etc will added to the membership area, aimed to inspire you to look after yourself.

I think most importantly practitioners need a support network and as a part of the membership you get access to a group of practitioners and people looking to gain better health to inspire you to look after YOU!

We will be having Q & A sessions with different experts, so you can ask your questions on health and wellness. As life needs to have a healthy balance, we will get business and marketing mentors in there from time to time as well, so we can help with all aspects of your life. Having a good business is part of having a healthy life.

The group is a place for you to network and find health information alike. Tell us what you need and we will find the expert for you.

What Are The Benefits?

  • Access to our exclusive Facebook group especially for our members
  • Be part of a network of holistic practitioners who support each other
  • Feel comfortable asking questions in a supportive environment
  • Most of us practitioners work alone and have no one to support us. Be a part of a supportive group
  • Learn from our experts in our Q & A hours
  • We have a Q & A sessions with our experts. You can ask our experts questions in our FB group
  • Enhance your knowledge with world-class learning and development from our holistic experts
  • Watch interviews, webinars, podcasts, read articles from our experts
  • Access a range of essential business and marketing services especially for practitioners We will bring in our business experts via webinars and Q & A sessions especially for you to ask questions.
  • Benefit from a wealth of insight and inspiration
  • Feel part of a high vibrational, inspired family.
  • Special member offers
  • The offers will be on the webinars we do. We will have giveaways and discounts just for our members.
  • Write articles for GHE website To help raise the profile of your business
  • Stay in touch with industry developments
  • Stay ahead of the trends

If you feel like you want to give this a go you can for FREE!

We have a 7 day FREE trial and after that it is only AU$19.95 per month. You have nothing to lose only gain!

We would love to see you take care of yourself.

About Sharon:

Sharon White Holistic Living MagazineSharon White is the Founder of Global Healing Exchange and Holistic Living Magazine. She has been a therapist working one on one with her clients for 20 years and realised that healing is so much better in a group experience. In a group we can learn from each other and network with each other, we can learn from the stories of others. No longer do we have to do the hard work alone! Sharon is passionate about growing a community of people with the same mindset towards holistic healing. She invites you to join her and join their membership program for your free trial offer.

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