What are your business’ core values and why do they matter?

Posted on January 29, 2015 by Nikki Lane

MWB Values bannerCore values are at the heart of your business. They influence every decision you make and being clear on what they are is the key to keeping your business on track.

Spending time thinking about your business’ core values will help you really identify what your business is all about, and you will then be able to communicate that to everyone you come in contact with.

(The picture on the left is a list of our core values)

Core values should represent why you went into business in the first place. They reflect who you are, the kind of customers and colleagues you are looking for and the kind of business you are running.

Every choice you make for your business, from the design on your business cards to the message on your work voicemail, should reflect your core values.

And your core values are an important part of keeping your business on track. If you ever notice that your business is deviating from your core values it is definitely time to sit down and have a think about the choices you are making and where your business is going.

So how do you decide what your core values are?

For most businesses core values are things like always meeting customer needs, being positive and being passionate about what they do, but core values can and should be as unique as you and your business are.

If you are setting up a business your core values should make up one third of your Vision Board (along with identifying your purpose and your goals).

If your business is already up and running but you haven’t yet identified your core values it can be a really lovely exercise to sit down and think about what is at the heart of your business.

Core values, they really are at the heart of your business. What are your business core values?

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