How to manage your business during the school holidays

The school holidays can challenge any parent but if you run a small business trying to juggle your responsibilities to your clients and to your family can be overwhelming.

Here are a few tips to make life a bit easier these holidays. Continue Reading →

What small business owners can learn from Emily Simms, The Bachelor Australia 2015 Contestant

Firstly let me clarify that the only reason I am watching The Bachelor Australia 2015 in the first place, is because I have two teenage sons (need I say any more?)

So since I am “forced” to watch the show, I spend my time watching how the relationships play out and how the women behave with each other. Last night was a fantastic example of “being obsessed with your competition to the detriment of your own gain”… and I realised that what was being played out by Emily Simms, one of the bachelorettes, was exactly what happens with some small business owners.

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The achievement of anything that you desire must be considered success, whether it is a trophy or money or relationships or things. But if you will let your standard of success be your achievement of joy—everything else will fall easily into place. For in the finding of joy, you are finding vibrational alignment with the resources of the Universe.


How to edit your own writing

Noticing mistakes in your own written work is much harder than seeing mistakes in someone else’s. You know what you meant to write, you understand your own phrasing and intonation, and you are used to your own spelling mistakes so your brain tends to auto-correct any errors.

The problem is other people’s brains won’t auto-correct your mistakes and there are few things more unprofessional than a grammatical or spelling mistake in a document.

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Why do you do what you do?

In most networking groups people ask “WHAT do you do?” but switch the question to “WHY do you do what you do?” and watch how amazingly different the answer is.

Knowing why somebody is running their business gives you such clarity about their message and understanding their passion for their business, it makes you want to work with them.  Continue Reading →

How can I get clients fast

A question that gets asked so often is “how can I get clients fast”. Here are three suggestions to help you…

How to Start a Small Business

Before you get into the nitty gritty details of how to start a small business the first thing you need to ask yourself is ‘Do I have the right mindset for small business?’ Continue Reading →

Passive income – making more money from your existing business

No doubt you’ve heard internet marketers and business coach’s push ‘earning a passive income’ as the best way to build your business.

It’s certainly true that moving away from just ‘swapping your time for money’ and towards a passive income is important for your business, and the phrase ‘earn money while you sleep’ is certainly appealing. But for many business owners it can be hard to know exactly what it is that you can sell and how you go about it.

So, let’s look at the why and how of making money while you sleep… Continue Reading →

The good and the bad of feedback

Feedback is a fantastic tool in business, but it can also be soul destroying… here’s why

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Hate business paperwork? You need an admin buddy!

When you work alone it can be very hard to get motivated to do the jobs you dislike. Most small business owners struggle with this problem, but could working with a business-owning friend be the answer? Continue Reading →

Structure creates freedom

If you want to have freedom in your business & life you need to have structure.

That may sound like an odd statement, especially as many practitioners set up their business in order to have more flexibility and a better work life balance. None the less, it is true. Continue Reading →

Spirituality in Business

Spirituality is your secret weapon in business – embrace it. I’ve met a lot of people who think that spirituality and business are incompatible. That spirituality is all airy fairy feelings and has no place in business decision making. I couldn’t disagree more and here’s why… Continue Reading →

Facebook messenger is NOT a business communication tool.

Nikki White

Why your WHY is important

It’s so easy to say what we do, isn’t it? Or how we do it. But the WHY part can be elusive.

Guest blog by Philippa Lowe, Just Go Write

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Acknowledging referrals – A thank you goes a long way

Do you ask your clients how they found you?

It is well worth asking this because it tells you which marketing strategies are working and which aren’t. But that’s not what this article is about… This article is about what you do when a new client says ‘oh so and so told me about you’.

What then? Continue Reading →

The lesson of “tough love”

Sometimes on the road to success we need someone to tell us “how it is”. We don’t necessarily want to hear it but so often we are standing in our own way and can’t see how much we are stopping ourselves from moving forward.

That someone is normally a business mentor… but are YOU ready to receive that dose of tough love?

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What are your business’ core values and why do they matter?

MWB Values bannerCore values are at the heart of your business. They influence every decision you make and being clear on what they are is the key to keeping your business on track. Continue Reading →

Does your voicemail present the right image for your business?

So much of life is about perception, so what does your voicemail say about your business?

Making your voicemail as professional and easy to use as possible is just good business sense. Why would your clients bother listening to an unprofessional message or waste their time calling back over and over again if your voicemail isn’t switched on? The answer is that they won’t. They’ll just find another therapist who has better voicemail! So what can you do? Continue Reading →

Closing doors – why you sometimes need to sack a client

Getting rid of clients can be a really hard idea to come to terms with, especially when you are in the building stage of creating your business. But clients that you dislike working with; the ones where you dread seeing their name in your appointment book, can really bring you down and the money you make from them just isn’t worth it.

It is better to have fewer great clients than lots of negative ones. So here’s what you can do… Continue Reading →

Following up with your clients – why it’s good for them and great for you

Most hands-on practitioners invest a lot of energy in finding out information from new clients. We have them fill in multiple forms and then spend the first part of their consultation discussing why they have come, their past history and what they want to achieve.

Getting that information is an important part of what we do because we want to provide the best possible treatment to the client and have it as individually tailored to their needs as possible.

But what about after their treatment? Continue Reading →

Why you must have a business email address

In business nothing says ‘small fry’ more clearly than a hotmail or gmail email address so unless you want to scream ‘not serious about my business’ to the world you need to invest in a proper email address from the very beginning.  Continue Reading →