Is your inner voice sabotaging your business?

We all have one. It talks to us incessantly. It says things like “what do you think you are doing?”, “you’re not good enough to do that”, “why would anyone buy your service?” or “see, they are so much better than you!”.

Not a great message for you to be a successful business owner with hey?

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Your business is your servant. You are not it’s slave.

Berni Dymet

The worst troll is in your head.

Internet trolls are the commenters begging for a fight, the anonymous critics eager to tear you down, the hateful packs of roving evil dwarves, out for amusement.

But the one in your head, that voice of insecurity and self-criticism, that’s the one you need to be the most vigilant about.

Do not feed the troll.

Do not reason with the troll.

Do not argue with the troll.

Most of all, don’t litigate. Don’t make your case, call your witnesses, prove you are right. Because the troll knows how to sway a jury even better than you do.

Get off the troll train. Turn your back, walk away, ship the work.

Seth Godin

There’s no such thing as a niche that’s too small if the people care enough.

If you think you need a bigger market, you’re actually saying that the market you already have doesn’t need you/depend on you/talk about you enough.

You might not need a bigger niche. You might only need to produce more value for those you already serve.

Seth Godin

The lesson of “tough love”

Sometimes on the road to success we need someone to tell us “how it is”. We don’t necessarily want to hear it but so often we are standing in our own way and can’t see how much we are stopping ourselves from moving forward.

That someone is normally a business mentor… but are YOU ready to receive that dose of tough love?

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What are your business’ core values and why do they matter?

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“The greatest danger for all of us is not that our aim is too high, but that it’s too low and we reach it.”


Run your own race. Who cares what others are doing? The only question that matters is “Am I progressing?”

Robin Sharma