Why investing in your business is worth the money

One of the hardest things to get your head around when you start a new business, or want to expand your existing one, is spending money to make money.

I don’t mean spending money on things like a printer or a mobile phone. I mean investing in less tangible things, things like mentoring, networking , business development or perhaps even administration staff so you can have more time to build your core business.

Often expensive, this kind of investment can feel very hard to justify because you are spending the money BEFORE you see the return.

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Wondering how much to charge? Ask what you are worth

How much should you charge your clients?

Most wellness practitioners don’t know how much they are worth, not just in financial terms but in what they deliver to their clients and so they have no idea how much they should be charging.

Value = self esteem.

Think about that equation for a second.

Are you proud of the amount you charge or do you resent your clients because you don’t feel you are being paid what you are worth?

Does the amount you charge for your service match your self esteem?

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Are you ready for the End of Financial Year?

2015 is flying past and the end of financial year is upon us.

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Passive income – making more money from your existing business

No doubt you’ve heard internet marketers and business coach’s push ‘earning a passive income’ as the best way to build your business.

It’s certainly true that moving away from just ‘swapping your time for money’ and towards a passive income is important for your business, and the phrase ‘earn money while you sleep’ is certainly appealing. But for many business owners it can be hard to know exactly what it is that you can sell and how you go about it.

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Hate business paperwork? You need an admin buddy!

When you work alone it can be very hard to get motivated to do the jobs you dislike. Most small business owners struggle with this problem, but could working with a business-owning friend be the answer? Continue Reading →

Do you find it difficult to ask your clients for payment?

It is amazing how many practitioners, who are so confident performing their session, avoid eye contact and mumble when it comes to asking for money.

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How important is cash flow management for small businesses?

Cash flow management is critical for small businesses, and it’s an area of management too many business owners overlook until it’s too late. Continue Reading →