New online tool helping to make your practitioner life easier

Natural Business Tools

I’m really excited to be supporting Natural Business Tools as I really believe what they have to offer can be of benefit to so many wellness practitioners.

Here’s a snapshot of what they do: Provide health practitioners with customised and personalised patient educational material and business system templates to support you in the everyday running of your clinic.

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How websites get hacked

Having recently been hacked on the Wellness Hubs Australia site, I was really glad to receive an email from Sucuri (the people who helped clean my site) that contained an informative video about how websites get hacked.

If you’ve ever wondered why or how… then check out this video.

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How to get great looking graphics for your Facebook posts?

Do you look at everyone else’s Facebook posts or flyers and think “gee, I wonder how much they paid for that?”… well in today’s day and age, the answer is probably “not as much as you think”. Continue Reading →

Easy ways to speed up typing on your smart phone

Smart phones have revolutionised the way we interact and have made it possible for small business owners to be in touch with their business anytime, anywhere.

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