How websites get hacked

Having recently been hacked on the Wellness Hubs Australia site, I was really glad to receive an email from Sucuri (the people who helped clean my site) that contained an informative video about how websites get hacked.

If you’ve ever wondered why or how… then check out this video.

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How to Use WordPress

WordPress is a platform on which some websites are built. Many practitioners have one of these websites that have been built by someone else, but aren’t sure how to make updates themselves.

That’s why I created this video for you.

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Honesty is the best policy: being authentic in business

Are you sick of companies that make crazy promises on price (until you read the fine print) or send emails claiming ‘only 10 spots left’ then a second email two days later saying ‘another 5 spots just opened up’?

I am.

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How to edit your own writing

Noticing mistakes in your own written work is much harder than seeing mistakes in someone else’s. You know what you meant to write, you understand your own phrasing and intonation, and you are used to your own spelling mistakes so your brain tends to auto-correct any errors.

The problem is other people’s brains won’t auto-correct your mistakes and there are few things more unprofessional than a grammatical or spelling mistake in a document.

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Why your WHY is important

It’s so easy to say what we do, isn’t it? Or how we do it. But the WHY part can be elusive.

Guest blog by Philippa Lowe, Just Go Write

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Does your website photo reflect who you REALLY are?

A few weeks ago I arrived at a workshop and the woman at the registration desk immediately greeted me ‘Hello. You must be Nikki.’ I’d never met her before and was a bit taken aback, so I asked her how she knew me and she said ‘You look just like the picture on your website’. Would this happen to you? Continue Reading →