Contractor versus Employee

Posted on May 5, 2016 by Nikki Lane

When we start to expand our businesses, one of the first things we do, is look to get people to help us; be it another practitioner, a bookkeeper, a virtual assistant. Most of us don’t have the infrastructure for an employee, so we look for a contractor to help us out.

However how do you know if the position you have is legally a contractor role or an employee role? It’s a fine line and one that causes a LOT of confusion for small businesses.

Getting it wrong, can result in a lot of heart ache and lost revenue. So the ATO are making it as easy as possible to get the right information out to us small business owners, so we don’t make mistakes and we ensure our businesses comply with the rules and regulations.

Check out their Employee / Contractor Decision Tool here. It will help you structure your business in a way that is both legal and right for your circumstances.

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