What small business owners can learn from Emily Simms, The Bachelor Australia 2015 Contestant

Posted on August 27, 2015 by Nikki Lane

Firstly let me clarify that the only reason I am watching The Bachelor Australia 2015 in the first place, is because I have two teenage sons (need I say any more?)

So since I am “forced” to watch the show, I spend my time watching how the relationships play out and how the women behave with each other. Last night was a fantastic example of “being obsessed with your competition to the detriment of your own gain”… and I realised that what was being played out by Emily Simms, one of the bachelorettes, was exactly what happens with some small business owners.

Let me explain…

Emily doesn’t like Nina (another bachelorette). Every time she is interviewed she is saying how Nina isn’t right for Sam (the bachelor). How she doesn’t understand why Nina is still in the house etc. etc… I’m sure you get the picture.

Even when Emily had her “precious alone time” with Sam, she used it to talk about her frustration or dislike of Nina. Obviously hoping to convince Sam that she Emily, is better than Nina.

In last night’s episode, Sam called her on it. He tried to gently suggest to her that she was “uptight” and “highly strung” what he should have said to her was “just be yourself, run your own race and don’t worry about anyone else”.

The result of all this… Emily stormed out of the show, didn’t get the man she was after and yet was still talking about Nina in the car as she left the house.

Emily’s obsession with Nina is what caused her downfall. She was so concerned about her competition that she didn’t let her true self be seen. She was so worried about “beating” hear competition, being better, funnier, more likeable (whatever it is) that she forgot to be herself.

And in small business we see this all the time. The business owner who is so concerned about what their competition are doing that they don’t focus on their core business. They are so busy trying to win clients off other people that they lose sight of their own values and goals.

And the result? An unsuccessful business. Because they aren’t being true to themselves, their values, their core message and they aren’t showing their full potential to those people that matter most… their clients.

So if you can learn one piece of advice from Emily Simms’ mistakes on The Bachelor it’s this. Run your own race. Be the best you can. Forget about your competition. Worry about what YOU are doing and what YOU can do better. Focus on YOUR goals, YOUR dreams and show everyone (including your potential clients) the real YOU… so that they can work with you with trust and confidence.


Image source: www.news.com.au. Their source: Channel 10

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