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Finding your voice AND your balance - Sydney Event


Tuesday 7th November
9:30am - 11:30am

Topic: Finding Your Voice with Rachael Cunningham AND Finding Your Balance with Karen Bowller

To celebrate our last Sydney Hub meeting we are very excited to have TWO speakers this month. Two wonderful women who have supported the Hubs since the beginning and have grown amazing businesses during that time.

Finding Your Voice: Rachael Cunningham

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Having been a professional singer and singing teacher for 20 years and a vocal massage specialist for the last 7, Rachael has worked with many people who have lost their voice physically - through vocal disorders like dysphonia or nerve damage around the larynx, and emotionally – when traumatic events have silenced them.

Rachael herself, had many years struggling with chronic fatigue and later post-natal depression where she stopped expressing herself through her singing and lost confidence in standing up and being heard. Reclaiming her voice has helped release many negative core beliefs that were holding her back and has given her a sense of self-empowerment again. Her passion now lies in helping others reclaim their voice.

In her presentation, Rachael will show you how to use your voice as a therapeutic tool to move on from trauma, regain confidence, raise your energy levels, unlock self-compassion and bring more fun and joy into your life.

Finding Your Balance: Karen Bowller

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Our health, our relationships and our way of life can pay a heavy price with the pressures of modern living. Which is why Karen Bowller is going to help you master the art of being and doing to create a balance in your life.

For the past nine years, Karen has been through an extraordinary period of personal growth. Starting in 2008 when her hair began falling out and she was diagnosed with Alopecia,  an auto-immune condition as her body’s response to burn-out from a lack of personal boundaries and work addiction.

She was organised, focused and highly motivated to succeed but the striving carried an unhealthy edge. She was unwilling to stop and didn’t know how, until her body gave her no choice.

Karen is going to share with us her journey from doing, doing, doing to the art of being. How she transformed a need to control everything into contentment and peace and how we can undertake the biggest transformation of all... the ability to combine the art of being and doing into our day-to-day world.

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Start Time: 9:30 am
End Time: 11:30 am

Date: November 7, 2017

Crows Nest MWB
The Awareness Institute
Level 1, 28 Chandos Street, St Leonards
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