How to Get Great Testimonials

Posted on July 19, 2017 by Samantha Gomez

A great testimonial is a powerful piece of marketing for your business but how do you get testimonials that are more than “they did a really good job”?

It’s hard to quantify just what makes the perfect testimonial but they do all tend to have a few things in common…

  • Be specific – testimonials need to explain exactly how or why the product or service was so useful. The more specific they are the more believable they become to the reader.
  • Don’t be over the top – if a testimonial has too much flowery praise it risks looking fake and forced.
  • Keep it short – people are very time-poor so a short, eye-catching testimonial is more likely to be read than a long story. You might like to consider using an extract from a long testimonial on the front page of your website and then linking it to the full story on a different page.
  • Address any potential concerns of new clients – for example if you have a small business, any potential clients’ concerns that you are ‘too small’ will be calmed by a testimonial that reads “Because this was a two person business the service was very personal and I felt that my needs were Jake’s first priority. And the job was completed two days early!”
  • Try to get testimonials that highlight the different key aspects of your business. It is more useful to have a great testimonial that praises your product AND a great testimonial that praises your amazing customer service, than two testimonials praising your product.

Where to get testimonials:

  • Consider creating a testimonial form that you ask clients to complete at the end of a session or project. Think about the questions you include carefully and make sure they encourage the clients to give specific examples of how you have helped them rather than vague praise.
  • Be in contact with your clients. If you are speaking to them in person you are more likely to get positive comments that go beyond “everything’s been great – thanks” at the bottom of an email. During conversations ask your client specific questions such as “How has my service helped you?” Or “What was the best thing about your experience working with us?”
  • If your client makes a positive comment during the course of your time working with them, ask them if you can use it as a testimonial and then write it down immediately.
  • As video is increasingly being used on the web you may find it useful to ask one or two key clients if you can interview them for a video testimonial. You can then include it on your website or perhaps upload it to YouTube.

What is the best testimonial you have ever received? And how did you use it to market your business?


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