Hate business paperwork? You need an admin buddy!

Posted on June 12, 2015 by Nikki Lane

When you work alone it can be very hard to get motivated to do the jobs you dislike. Most small business owners struggle with this problem, but could working with a business-owning friend be the answer?

Imagine this… you need to do your monthly invoicing, it’s your most hated job (which is quite a statement because you dislike most of the admin that comes with running your own business) but this month, instead of sitting by yourself procrastinating and silently whinging, you pack up your lap top and client documents and head over to your friend Sue’s house.

Sue also runs her own business and her most hated job is doing her BAS. Together you sit at Sue’s dining room table, you work on your invoices and Sue on her BAS, pausing only to make the occasional cup of tea, have a quick chat about what you have planned for the weekend and give each other sympathetic looks when it all seems too hard.

Somehow the company makes your tasks seem much less painful, you stay focused and are done in half the time it normally takes. You’re both pleased and decide to make a monthly date to work together on your business admin.

Sounds pretty good, right?

Having made a commitment to sit down and work with a business-owning friend is a great motivator to keep on top of your admin tasks. Even though what you’re working on has nothing to do with their business, knowing that someone else is expecting you to turn up will hold you accountable in a way that sitting at a desk by yourself can’t.

So if you’re struggling to keep on top of your business paperwork why not find an admin buddy?

Have you ever worked with a business-owning friend to help keep you both motivated?

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