Hobby or Business … It’s All in Your Attitude!

Posted on April 5, 2017 by Samantha Gomez

Does it seem as though others see your business as a hobby?

If you dig deep down in to your subconscious and are really honest with yourself, do you see your business as more like a hobby than a ‘proper job’?

Struggling to persuade yourself and others that your business is a ‘real’ business and deserves respect is a common problem for new business owners but if you want to be successful it is essential to get out of the hobbyist mindset.

Many of us tend to be focused on helping people, rather than financial gain, yet it’s important to recognise that you can still help people and make money from your work.

When my clients talk to me about this problem I always tell them ‘what they project, they receive’. What I mean by that is that if you stop thinking of your business as a hobby, if you treat it as a ‘proper’ job with all the gravitas that it deserves then you will find that others will do the same.

A few simple changes can really alter how you and others feel about your business.

  • Set yourself working hours and stick to them.
  • Make sure you have a dedicated workspace and keep it for work!
  • Keep on top of your business administration; file papers, keep track of accounts, issue receipts and so on.
  • Stick to a time limit with your sessions.
  • Charge what you are worth.
  • Have a professional website where people can read about who you are and what you do.

Start looking for mindset blocks around how you see successful people, how you view money in your business, how you’d view yourself if you were incredibly rich – these are all very common mindset blocks around business (whatever industry you’re in) so if you find you have these, it might be time to clear them and let your business flourish.

If you are still struggling it might be time to consider a business mentor but make sure you find one who has the same values and beliefs as you.

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