Honesty is the best policy: being authentic in business

Posted on October 2, 2015 by Nikki Lane

Are you sick of companies that make crazy promises on price (until you read the fine print) or send emails claiming ‘only 10 spots left’ then a second email two days later saying ‘another 5 spots just opened up’?

I am.

We seem to be in a time when companies feel that they need to over-promise and/or mislead us to lure customers in, and with all the modern technology at business’ finger tips it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and even lied to by a never-ending barrage of emails and online advertising.

But it seems to me that customers are starting to get pretty sick of the marketing hype and just want to deal with real and honest people.

Potential clients are starting to see through the marketing spin, and that (I’m sure) can make them doubt the honesty of the service provider in other areas of business too. After all, if they’re prepared to mislead a client once why should that client trust that it won’t happen again?

I am predicting that authenticity is going to be the next ‘big thing’ in business, and that clients will choose not to work with people unless they trust and like them.

So, if you want to be part of this movement towards authenticity you need to start gaining your client’s trust from the outset by being honest and real in your marketing messages.

So, how can you create a truthful relationship with your clients?

  • Be authentic in your marketing
  • Be honest about what you offer clients
  • Only promise what you can deliver
  • Never say “another 5 spots just opened up” (unless they legitimately did)
  • Be available for your clients to ask questions prior to purchasing
  • Be the real you in everything you say and write
  • Establish a truthful relationship with your clients
  • Be transparent in your pricing

By creating an authentic and truthful relationship with your clients you will be rewarded with loyalty and honesty in return (and hopefully lots of referrals from happy customers!)

Are you authentic in business?


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