How to get great looking graphics for your Facebook posts?

Posted on November 2, 2015 by Nikki Lane

Do you look at everyone else’s Facebook posts or flyers and think “gee, I wonder how much they paid for that?”… well in today’s day and age, the answer is probably “not as much as you think”.

Because as technology develops there are people out there creating programs that will allow you to create your very own, personalized graphics in an easy, affordable way.

The main one, that is all the rage at the moment is Canva.

Canva gives you the facility to create beautiful designs and documents with their easy to use drag and drop feature. This will enable you to create anything like a 5 star graphic designer.

The best bit about Canva is that you can create an account for free (without entering your credit card details) and to just get the feel of it, you can use their free images.

Then when you want to start getting a little more creative, you can just purchase images as you go OR you can upload your own images.

All in all a great little piece of software that will save you heaps of time and money AND you’ll have great looking images for your website, marketing material and Facebook.

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