Increasing Personal Productivity

Posted on April 12, 2016 by Nikki Lane

If you’ve ever heard me speak, you’ll know I’m passionate about time management, systems, organisation and efficiency in business. It’s in this capacity that I was honoured to be interview for Angela Raspass’ Your Next Chapter Podcast.

The key insights from this conversation include:

  • Your mind is for having ideas not for holding them
  • Dump everything out of your head – anxiety, stress and overload comes from keeping it all inside
  • Do not run your day by your inbox – that’s other peoples agendas
  • Identify what your pillars of business and life are
  • Create timezones in your day based on your key priorities and responsibilities
  • Build in time buffers
  • FaceBook is one of the BIGGEST time suckers – beware! Set the timer on your phone and leave when it goes off
  • If you have something that is working for you, stay with it – there is no need to fix what isn’t broken so don’t be tempted by the latest platform or software

Check out the full interview here.

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