Is it worth having a mentor?

Posted on July 17, 2015 by Nikki Lane

When I talk to people about mentoring they often ask is it worth have a mentor; investing the money, especially at a time when your business is still getting off the ground. After all, can’t you just figure it out yourself?

My answer is that perhaps you can, but you’ll waste a lot of time and energy along the way and potentially make mistakes that might damage your business. Building a business can be very rewarding, but it is also challenging and at times overwhelming.

Just when you think you have everything sorted and under control new challenges arise and take you by surprise.

That’s when it’s great to have someone to advise you and keep you on track.

Mentors can be an invaluable addition to your business. They can provide you with knowledge, contacts and advice, saving you from costly mistakes and helping you move your business forward.

Benjamin Franklin once said; There are two ways to acquire wisdom, you can either buy it or borrow it. By buying it, you pay full price in terms of time and cost to learn the lessons you need to learn. By borrowing it, you go to those who have already paid the price to learn the lessons and get your wisdom from them.

And that’s what mentoring is all about.

Yes, it costs money now but it is an investment in your business that will save you time, worry and money in the long run and that’s wisdom worth having!

So how do you find a mentor that is right for you?

There are so many people out there offering similar services, spruiking that theirs is the best method, the fastest route to success etc. etc., so how do you know who the right mentors for you are?

Here are my tips for selecting a mentor:

  • Choose people who have similar values to you
  • Choose people who have great energy and are passionate about what you are doing
  • Choose people who complement your skills – if you have an area of weakness it can be very helpful to have a mentor with expertise in that area
  • Choose people who have an understanding of you business model and/or product or service.

And don’t be afraid to move on from a mentor if you feel like they no longer have anything to offer you. In some cases the sign of a successful mentor is that you no longer need them!

My recommendation would be to have formal mentoring with the one person you align the most with, then keep your ear to the ground and follow 1 or 2 others via email newsletters etc. The rest – unsubscribe from their newsletters for the moment otherwise you will suffer from overwhelm.

If you are in the Wellness industry and are looking for a mentor; have a look at the programs I offer, my values, who I am and see if you think I align with what you are looking for.

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