Key Lessons from ProBlogger 2016

Posted on September 16, 2016 by Nikki Lane

After three years of watching others experience the wonder of ProBlogger and for various reasons not being able to go… when the opportunity to attend this year’s event came up… I jumped at the chance. And the event totally lived up to all my expectations.

Two days of amazing speakers and content… 500 new business owners to meet… great venue… glorious food… many many business learnings… and a mini-break. Can it get much better than that?

So I wanted to share with you the key lessons that I got from ProBlogger, so you can feel like you were there too.

I think the main overarching theme to every speaker’s presentation was that everyone struggles, everyone has “failures”, everyone has had times when it was too much or too hard and that we are all in the same boat. That no-one is better than anyone else, some people are just further on their business journey than others. That if you know your “why” and have a good support network, you can achieve anything.

I’m always talking about authenticity and community and these two themes reigned true the whole weekend. The speakers mingled amongst the attendees and were just as approachable as the person who had just started their business yesterday. I felt like I had come home, like I had found my tribe… and I was in heaven.

But… on a technical / learning aspect, here are the standouts:

  • Video is definitely the new medium. 81% of internet traffic in 2020 will be video based. If you jump on board now, you’ll still be an early adopter. Forget about worrying about what you look like, forget about it being perfect, just jump in front of that camera and start showing your audience who you REALLY are.
  • Welcome mats are converting better than pop-ups
  • First impressions today are not via a handshake they are via your profile on social media.
  • Survey your clients via automation after they buy from you rather than sporadically when you need the data.
  • High traffic blogs can definitely have an ebook created off the back of them for higher opt-ins.
  • Always be looking at what your clients problems are and keep a list. Refer to it often to make sure your service is solving those problems.
  • OMG so much great SEO content that would require a blog on it’s own.
  • Watch your energetic language around saying marketing terms like “trip wire”. You aren’t going to war with your list.
  • When writing sales pages.. be specific.
  • You can earn money from your blog
  • Creativity is intelligence having fun.
  • Social media’s whole point is to create access to you, so people can choose to align with you or not.
  • Everyone has “failures” and whilst when you are going through yours they are big… others are having bigger ones.
  • Just be you… that’s all you have… so embrace it.

Would you like access to all this content?

During the ProBlogger event we all suffered from FOMO when choosing which speaker to listen to. But were consoled by the fact that we knew we would be receiving a recording of ALL the presentations.

But what I hadn’t realised is you can get access to these recordings too. You can have access to all the content I experienced at ProBlogger. Every. Single. Little. Bit. Of. It. !!!! How good is that?

So if you watched my posts on Instagram or Facebook or you’ve just read this blog and want a piece of the action. You can get it for only $229 USD by purchasing a Virtual Ticket from ProBlogger now.


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