Nikki White Business MentoringHave you all the qualifications to be an awesome wellness practitioner, but struggle to run a successful business? 

Are you tired of unsuccessfully juggling all the hats of a business owner? 

Do you sometimes wonder where you need to start?

Is running your wellness business exhausting rather than inspiring you?

Do you want 2016 to be different?

Hi, I’m Nikki White and I want to tell you that you’re not alone. I’ve met hundreds of practitioners via the Wellness Hubs Australia community and they all tell me the same thing: “I wasn’t trained to run a wellness business!

So if you want to fall in love with your wellness business again, have more clients coming to you, and make achieving your goals easy, then I’d love to work with you.

And best of all there is no lock-in program. 

Everyone is at a different stage in their journey so I have found from experience that the best way to work with people is in an ad-hoc nature.

We start out with a 2 hour “get everything out” session and from there we can create a plan that totally suits you and your business. You can keep me involved as little or as much as you like?

The costs is $150 + GST per hour and as I mentioned, no lock in program or contract.

Please contact me and we can set up a time to have a quick phone call so you can be sure I am the right business mentor for you. Don’t forget to visit the About Me page as well.

Something I hear all the time from my clients is…

The thing I like most about working with you is there is no judgement. It doesn’t matter if I have a melt down, or I’m struggling with one aspect of my business, you are there to support me. Your support comes from such a non-judgemental space, it’s so easy to feel safe and this enables me to move on and take action in an area I have struggled”.

12 Essential Elements of a Successful Wellness Business

Here are all the areas I can help you with your business. Which ones do you have and which ones may require a bit more work?


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