Staying on track in your business

Posted on November 24, 2016 by Samantha Gomez

Do you find it difficult to work out which business opportunities are good ones and which opportunities are just going to sap your time without giving any real return?

Staying on track is a common problem for small business owners as we often choose to pick up every new idea or proposal that comes to us. But then we find ourselves completely off track and wondering “how did I end up over here, when where I really wanted to be was over there?”.

So, what can you do to make sure your business stays on the path you have chosen?

To make sure you stay on track you will need three very important pieces of information on your business;

  1. Your core values
  1. A business plan
  1. Your goals for the year (and your BHAG)

Once you have these three things you will find it surprisingly easy to keep your business on track.

Each time someone asks you to do something; to join a networking group or help them with a project, go back to your core values, your business plan and your goals and ask yourself one very simple question “Does this opportunity align with these?”.

The answer is always a simple yes or no.

If the answer is a ‘no’ thank the person for the proposal or offer and keep working on the business you want to have.

However if the answer is ‘yes’ then look into the opportunity further.

Every time you come to a cross roads in your business go back to your core values, your business plan and your goals and ask yourself that one simple question. Easy!!!!

Have you ever found wondered how your business got so far off track?

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