Structure creates freedom

Posted on May 28, 2015 by Nikki Lane

If you want to have freedom in your business & life you need to have structure.

That may sound like an odd statement, especially as many practitioners set up their business in order to have more flexibility and a better work life balance. None the less, it is true.

Running a business, seeing clients, looking after your family, looking after your relationship and looking after yourself is a lot to fit into your week and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Introducing structure gives you the ability to focus on one thing at a time and the freedom to relax knowing that there is enough time to fit in everything you need to do.

When practitioners are first confronted with the idea of introducing a rigid timetable-like structure to their week they tend to be very resistant but for those who try it – that structure can offer the freedom they expected to find when they first set up their own business.

If you are in a client session you don’t have to feel guilty about your family because you know you will have time for them. Likewise, if you are spending time with your kids, you can be fully present with them and not think about your business.

So, how do you create this structure?

1)    Get a diary.

2)    Allocate time for all the personal/family appointments that require your time each week, things like school drop off, grocery shopping etc.

3)    Schedule yourself a lunch break every day.

4)    In the spaces left block out time for client appointments and only ever book clients in these spaces. Be realistic about how many appointments you can fit in, give yourself a break in between each one, and think about how many clients you need to see to make money.

5)    Create a time each week to complete your business administration tasks.

6)    If you don’t fill an appointment slot use it to work on building your business.

7)    Make sure there is time left for relaxation!

The beauty of scheduling to create freedom is that you are in control. If you only want to see clients four days a week you can. If you need to attend a parent meeting at your child’s school you can. You just need to schedule it in.

Having a structure allows you to relax, knowing that if you fill your scheduled appointments you will earn the money you want to earn, that there is time for everything and you have the freedom to have relaxation time without feeling guilty that you are not working.

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