Using LinkedIn Groups to Promote Your Business

Posted on February 1, 2017 by Samantha Gomez

Most people use LinkedIn profiles to promote their experience and skills online but did you know that you can also use LinkedIn Groups to promote yourself and your business?

There are over 1.5 million LinkedIn Groups so the chances that you can find one that fits your interests are pretty good.

You can find groups that are relevant to your business using LinkedIn search and appropriate keywords. LinkedIn also offers “Groups you may like” selections and they can be very useful.

LinkedIn limits you to being a member of 50 groups but it is impossible to actively engage with that many. So consider joining up to 50 groups but choose up to 10 main groups to interact with.

How you can interact in LinkedIn Groups:

  • Join discussions
  • Ask questions
  • Provide answers
  • Provide links to articles on your website that are relevant to the group
  • Provide links to online articles that are relevant

What can LinkedIn Groups do for your business?

Exposure for your business

The groups bring together people who are interested in the same thing, which means that (if you have picked a group relevant to your business) the people in the group are likely to be interested in what you do. Interacting in appropriate groups is a great way of bringing your company to interested people’s attention.

Exposure of you as an expert

Commenting on discussions in the groups and providing useful links back to information on your blog and website will build awareness of you as an expert in your area.

Expand your reach

The global nature of LinkedIn means that many groups have people from around the world in them. If your business has an online component, LinkedIn Groups can provide an introduction to a new (and enormous) market.

Help other people out with your knowledge

Being a resource for others via LinkedIn Groups is a great way of sharing your knowledge and experience. The more you help, the bigger your profile and, who knows, you might find people you can learn from too!

Link back to your website

Commenting and including links to relevant information on your website will increase traffic back to your site. Those links are also great for your site’s Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

Do you use LinkedIn Groups to promote your business?

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