How to Charge What You Are Worth

Posted on April 23, 2016

How have you decided on the session rate you charge? Have you just pulled a figure from the air? Maybe you just charge an amount because that is what everyone else is charging?

If you’d like to have more confidence to raise your prices, or looking to understand how much you SHOULD be charging for your services, this webinar recording is for you.

In the webinar, we cover three main areas:

  1. Changing your mindset about money
  2. How to ask for payment with confidence
  3. Working out how much your service is worth

There is a worksheet that goes with this webinar so you can work out your own calculations as you watch.

Here is a copy of the worksheet that is used in the webinar. Please print out a copy of this and have it with you as you watch the webinar, so you can work out what you are worth.







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