Wondering how much to charge? Ask what you are worth

Posted on October 13, 2016 by Samantha Gomez

How much should you charge your clients?

Most wellness practitioners don’t know how much they are worth, not just in financial terms but in what they deliver to their clients and so they have no idea how much they should be charging.

Value = self esteem.

Think about that equation for a second.

Are you proud of the amount you charge or do you resent your clients because you don’t feel you are being paid what you are worth?

Does the amount you charge for your service match your self esteem?

Practitioner’s fees shouldn’t replicate what other local therapists are charging. Instead they need to reflect the value YOU are providing to your clients.

What is it worth to them to be able to recover from a debilitating illness, or move freely after an accident at work, or to feel calm when life throws challenges their way?

People respect expertise and quality, and in our society part of the way we determine quality is the amount that we pay for something.

When you are thinking about your fee structure first think about this: you ARE special, you ARE valuable and there aren’t many other people out there who can do what you can do. That’s why clients are coming back to you, because they NEED your service, they NEED you to heal them and they are prepared to pay for that.

So how do you discover what you are worth?

Below is a very simplistic way to discover your worth on your own, but if you have a mentor or coach this would be a good topic to cover with them to really discover the truth about you and your business.


Write down exactly what it is you offer your clients

Write down the solutions you provide to your clients

Write down the advantages the client has after your treatment

Really think about what makes you different from other therapists.


Decide how much you want to earn per year

Divide that by how many weeks you want to work per year

Divide that by how many days a week you want to work

Divide that by how many hours you want to work a day

Now you have an hourly rate that you can convert into a per session rate.

Then start playing around with the two; compare the dollar amount with the value and see if they equate; adjust where necessary and you’ve got a new rate to charge.

A rate that truly reflects your worth.

Do you feel comfortable with the rate you charge or do you feel you have undervalued yourself?

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